News from 06/25/2010 (IMC "Cheboksary" - Open Company "Praxis")
The kick of the president of Chuvashia has accepted the chapter райадминистрации Cheboksary
In the Moscow area to capital of Chuvashia has exchanged the chapter of administration. And replacement in the best traditions of dirty technologies - at new chapters райадминистрации a surname same, as at previous, - Petrov is carried out. Instead of Veniamin Petrov who the last week has written the application "in an own way", on a post Andrey Petrov who was responsible Заволжье earlier is appointed, correspondent ИА REGNUM of News transfers. The most important new the chapter in capital of area as the Chuvash elite there lives and the main mass actions will be carried out(spent), distinguishes from previous age (to Andrey Petrov 34 years) and business - last (before purpose(assignment) for a post of the assistant to the chapter of administration of Cheboksary on Заволжью it(he) supervised over business concerns).
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